Friday, September 30, 2011

Boom! Not Bust!

I live in a small town in Wyoming on the edge of the Black Hills.  Yes, you all heard me correctly...a trained sommelier in Wyoming!  (Believe me, stranger things have happened.)  I live in a magnificently beautiful state, filled with multiple natural resources, resources that have often caused our local economies to boom during the good times only to bust during bad times.  But today, I'm thinking about a different type of boom here in Wyoming and South Dakota, different than a natural resource boom.  I'm talking about the booming wine industry!  Wyoming and the Black Hills have always been a bit behind the times, and that is probably true of the wine business.  However, we are quickly catching up!  Interest in wine is growing to new heights in this area, and I love it!  Three new wine bars recently opened in Spearfish, SD.  One even opened in Sturgis, SD, better known for its biker babes in August than its grape varietals.  The Black Hills has its own wine trail, including several wineries and tasting rooms.  Wyoming grows grapes and makes wine in several different locations.  Liquor stores all throughout the Black Hills are expanding their wine sections as consumers want more selections to choose from and a higher quality of the selections already available.  Some friends of mine just purchased a small liquor store and have plans to continue the wine boom.  I'm leaving town to travel through beautiful Spearfish Canyon after work to enjoy my Friday evening at the Spearfish Creek Wine Bar.  Oh, there may be liquid gold in these there hills, and I hope to see the boom keep going!  All boom, no bust...I'll drink to that!