Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Your Lucky Day

Did anyone else feel the luck of the Irish yesterday?  Celebrate a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day with wine?  Or maybe a green beer?  Okay, admit it...some of you celebrated with some whiskey, too! 
I felt quite lucky yesterday as some of the entries for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge have started to roll in.  This is #mwwc8--luck.  I was feeling a little unlucky as no one had sent in a written piece yet.  However, I should have known that March 17 would be the day people would begin to feel their lucky writing powers!  Please read the entries I have received so far.   
The Indian Paradox with "Wine Pairing With Luck"

The Family Nose with "Luck, Chance, or Fate"

Wine Ramblings with A Tale of Two Harrys

The Sybarite with "Luck"

Renenute13 with "Wish Me Luck as You Serve Me Tokaji"

Joy of Wine with "All the Blessings in the World"

Duff's Wines with "Wanna Get Lucky?"

My Custard Pie with "Luck or Judgement"

Eat With Namie with "Confessions to a Lucky Drop"

Remember, entries are accepted through Sunday.  Hope to see more from you lucky wine writers!