Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keeping It Local--Cap N Bottle

My second Sweet Sommelier “travel” destination is actually in my own backyard.  Okay, not LITERALLY in my own backyard, but how cool would that be to have a liquor store in your backyard?  That is a privilege I am sure I would abuse!  What I mean is this week I am writing about my hometown liquor store, The Cap ‘N Bottle.  The Cap ‘N Bottle is something of an icon on Main Street.  I actually have memories of going through its drive-through window as a child passenger with my father.  (Yes, drive-through liquor store windows are also legal in Wyoming.)  The newest owners, Wade and Tonya, have only owned the business a few months but are already putting their mark on the establishment.  Just after opening, they hosted a craft beer tasting, which even though I’m a wine drinker, I attended.  (My craft-beer loving husband really enjoyed this!)  Just last week, Cap ‘N Bottle hosted a wine and chocolate tasting.  Tonya had the original idea of the tasting in honor of Valentine’s Day, and I assisted her in choosing some wines.  The owners plan to continue these tastings monthly, and I hope they do!  Events like this are the first step to getting many people to experience wines.

Speaking of the wines, Cap ‘N Bottle has the best selection in town.  About one-third of the store is dedicated to wine, which I love!  Of course, there are your standard box wines and white Zins (that all liquor stores do need to carry), but there are also whites with producers from France to Oregon and reds from Portugal to California.  Tonya will also special order items for anyone who puts in a specific request.  That is the beauty of a small-town business! 

I look forward to the future of Cap 'N Bottle.  I know Wade and Tonya have plans for remodeling and more special events.  I hope I get to be a part of and take part in these events!  Hats off to a home-town business for spreading the love of wine to both old "pros" and amateurs alike.