Sunday, November 4, 2012

Worth the Wait--Vintage Wine Bar

Last winter, I stopped at Poplar Wine and Spirits in Casper, Wyoming, and was so impressed with the liquor store.  I loved how the staff organized their wines, and their selections were incredibly impressive for the state of Wyoming.  (You can see the original blog post by scrolling down.)  On this visit, I also got a peek into the adjoining wine bar, Vintage.  I was intrigued by the warm atmosphere and lured in even more by a glance at the wine menu.  It took me nine months, but I finally went back to Casper and was able to stop at Vintage.  It.  Was. Worth. The. Wait!

I went for supper so that I could experiment with their tapas style menu.  I was not a bit disappointed with the caprese shrimp:  shrimp wrapped in basil, mozzarella, and prosciutto.  I decided to order two different wines.  The first, I asked for our server’s favorite.  Her recommendation was pleasant, a red blend.  However, it was so overshadowed by my next purchase, I don’t even remember the blend’s name.  I next decided to try the Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley’s Stag’s Leap District.  All I can say is it was heaven in a glass!  I sipped and savored every single drop!  Of course I was impressed with the wine; it has an excellent reputation, and the grapes are grown in a well-known area in the most prestigious wine-making region in the U.S.  What I was impressed with was that I could order this particular wine in the middle of Wyoming!  Wyoming has quite antiquated laws regarding wine and liquor; all of these products must be purchased through the Wyoming State Liquor Distributor.  I have seen this wine list.  To say it is limited is an understatement.  Yes, the state has some great wines to choose from, but the choices are fairly narrow.  That Mike and the staff at Vintage knew to pick such a tremendous wine was more than exciting. 

I was once again impressed with my stop in Casper.  Poplar Wine and Spirits and Vintage Wine Bar proved a second time they are worth a look and a visit.  I know I will be there again…I just hope I don’t have to wait nine months to do it!