Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boy Are We Enthusiastic--Wine Enthusiast Party

As some of you may be aware:  I like wine.  A lot.  And not necessarily just to drink.  I love to learn about wine, wine regions, producers, and grapes.  I enjoy trying new wines from regions I’ve never tasted before.  If it is wine related, I want to know more about it! 

My children have called it an obsession.  I disagree…kind of.  I do have a tendency to find wine or wine-related venues wherever I go.  I say I just have a special “spidey sense” when it comes to wine.  Like a gift.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

It just so happened that on a recent trip to Chicago, my wine sixth sense (actually it was a very kind wine connection from Chicago) turned me on to a wonderful wine event when I was in town—the Wine Enthusiast Red and White Bash.  This fun charity event featured wines from around the world that scored highly in Wine Enthusiast Magazine.  Food, music, wine, and fun all mixed with a reason to dress up?  I was in!

Wine events and festivals like these are great opportunities to try something new and different.  I was able to try some wines from Virginia (which had been on my radar for quite some time) and some wines from Israel (which were not on my radar at all).  Great food stations were interspersed between the wine booths, and the hit of the night was Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse with its filet slider and horseradish sauce.   I also got to meet two of my online wine connections in person at this event.  Another special treat was Peter Mondavi Jr. pouring at the Charles Krug stall…my first Mondavi sighting!

Scenes from Wine Enthusiast Red and White Bash
 Your Sweet Sommelier enjoying the bash!

 Hair and makeup stations were enjoyed by many.
 Accordini Igino 2007 Le Bessole Amarone.
 Charles Krug 2010 Vintage Selection Cab and 2010 Generations Red.
 Peter Mondavi Jr. pouring Charles Krug selections.
 Louis Roederer NV Brut Premier--I do love a sparkling!
 Fun dancing to a 1920s style swing band.
New friends:  Italianwinelovr Sabatni.
Old friends:  my Meig and Char.

So whether you really like wine or only kind of like wine (I know, it sounds weird, but I’ve heard these people actually do exist), use all of your senses to attend a wine event near you.   You will not be disappointed, and you may try new wines and meet new people.  It is a win-win, wine situation!