Thursday, December 24, 2015

Oh What a Year...

Late December, two thousand fifteen...
What a very special year for me.
As I remember, what a year.

Yes, I hope you were all singing these lines to the song "Oh What a Night"...because I was.

Sing along...

For me, 2015 was literally one of those years that I looked forward to for decades.  As my son's, and youngest child's, graduation year, it was a number that I cheered and chanted on occasion after occasion.  As this graduation class's sponsor, I wrote "Class of 2015" on numerous requests, invitations, and decorations.  I helped the Class of 2015 fund raise, plan, and build a prom.  I made my husband drive the Class of 2015's homecoming parade float four years in a row. 

2015. 2015. 2015.

Really, this year was a huge part of my life.  More so than almost any other--except 2010...the year my daughter graduated--and I was privileged enough to get to do these same exact things for the Class of 2010.

But now, it's nearly over.  The year 2015 is almost gone.

I've become the adult who continually wonders how time flies.

Yet as I look back on 2015 and see what a fabulous year it was, I want to share some of my favorite wine moments, the writings of which I am especially proud.

I was able to meet, interview, and visit some amazing people this year.  Please enjoy my 2015...what a very special year for me.

"In the Family Way"--Prairie Berry Winery's Anna Pesa Wines

"The Cheese Stands Alone"--Monte McIntrye, Veteran Cheese Maker

"Leading the Way"--Backwards Distilling Casper, Wyoming

"It Takes One to Make One"--Michelle Cleveland of Creekside Cellars

"The Wheels in the Sky"--Tom Altemus, Red Cap Vineyards

"Jerry Lohr Brings South Dakota Values to California Wine Making"

"Yak is the New Black"--Yak Ridge in Rapid City

"Size Matters: Big Adventures in Wine Country"--Sheldon Wines

Oh what a year!

May your 2016 be as wonderful.  Cheers.