Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wineaux’s Lazy Sunday


The word and the day mean different things to different people.

To many, it is a day of church. To others, a day for football on television. Still more think of it as a day of fun. In fact, Sunday Funday is one meaning of the word I have wholeheartedly embraced, and I love to enjoy outings and general merriment on this day, as well.

However, today, I am using yet another connotation of the word: Sunday as the day of rest.

Today I have rested. I have taken it easy. I have allowed myself some down time.

Okay, honestly, today I have done basically nothing. I have been flat out…lazy!

And it has felt so good.

In our society, the constant hustle and bustle often has us competing with each other how busy we are all the time. Bragging about the amount of work we accomplish at home, in business, for kids…it sometimes consumes us.

But a day off is truly good for the soul. So good that many don’t know how to fully enjoy this day of relaxation. Well, here is the instruction manual.

A Wineaux’s Day of Leisure: Otherwise Known As—The Lazy Sunday

Step One: set no alarm. Absolutely none. Instead, make it a goal to sleep at least one hour longer than usual.

Step Two: coffee. Good coffee. Break out the French press, the good beans, and the milk frother. Fire up the espresso machine.

Step Three: more coffee. Treat yourself to the second cup. Out on the patio. In the sun. With a favorite book or the Sunday paper. Take time sipping and reading.

Step Four: mimosas. Sundays are the day drinking before 11:00 a.m. is acceptable…if it is in the form of a mimosa.

Step Five: brunch. No counting calories today. Enjoy the brunch that may be considered too rich for normal breakfast. That means extra Hollandaise sauce, please. Oh, and have another mimosa.

Step Six: read about wine (or whatever your favorite hobby or interest happens to be). Do this on the couch or the patio, still in lounge clothes. For hours.

Step Seven: go for a leisurely hike. Lazy days mean no going out in the real public where you have to look respectable. It does mean putting on your comfy clothes to take a hike or walk. But no strenuous workouts. Enjoy the day, the view, the company. Just enjoy!

Step Eight: pack cheese as a snack. True lazy-day-Sunday hiking requires good cheeses. Paired with fruit. Possibly a veggie, but that’s not mandatory. And wine. Definitely add wine.

Step Nine: blog. Okay, okay. The guilt of doing absolutely nothing productive by this late in the day is starting to nag you. So you blog. About how lazy you’ve been that day. How good it felt. But, hey…at least you did something!

Step Ten: drink in the end of the day. These types of days are truly rare. Especially in our world. Savor the last hours, the last minutes. Fully recharge your batteries by eking out the final glorious second, maybe with another glass of wine. Maybe with a beautiful view. Maybe with your favorite people. Maybe totally by yourself.

Then go to bed early, ready for Monday morning to rear its ugly head! Bring. It. On.