Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ode to the Broncos--Colorado Wine

The beautiful state of Colorado is known for many attractions:  the picturesque Rocky Mountains, majestic Pike’s Peak, upscale Aspen, and (most recently) legal marijuana.  However, on days like today, Super Bowl Sunday, there is only one reason for which Colorado should be known…football…and the Denver Broncos!

As an ode to my neighbor state—the city where my daughter lives and the team that my son adores—I am revisiting some of the fabulous wine times I have had in Colorado.  It is a wonderful place, a beautiful place, a fun place…a place everyone should visit.  Go Colorado.  Go Denver. Go Broncos!

Colorado's largest AVA, the Grand Valley, is a booming and budding wine region.  Though barely in its adolescence, the region shows signs of greatness in the years to come.

An early Grand Valley wine producer, Canyon Wind Cellars set the standard for other Colorado wineries making wine from estate-grown fruit.  Started in the 1990's, this winery shows what all Grand Valley wines can be. 

Kenneth Dunn at Hermosa Vineyards is a perfect example of what it takes to make wine.  Many winemakers start with their passion and curiosity, and this is true here.  Kenneth is also the quintessential small winemaker who greets his tasting room guests himself, with a huge smile!

Though the Grand Valley grows the majority of the grapes for the state, many wineries call the eastern side of the state home.  Denver gives an amazing backdrop for urban wineries to flourish.  Balistreri Vineyards in the Mile High City is the perfect mix of traditional and modern in a beautiful facility.

Infinite Monkey Theorem is one such winery that has embraced the urban winery vibe.  Fun and funky, IMT makes wine from Colorado Grand Valley grapes while being a pioneer in alternative packaging formats.  Such an obvious success has been reached here that a recent expansion to Austin, Texas continues to show the truth of the expression, "Yes, we can." 

Today, I will forgo the beer and enjoy the Super Bowl game with a Colorado wine in hand.  My Ode to Colorado will continue with a glass of Canyon Wind Cellars high end line Anemoi with an Anemoi Notus, a blend of Colorado Petite Verdot and Syrah.  Cheers to Colorado, its wines, and its football!

Go Denver Broncos!